Explore spiritual worlds

The road to God is the adventure of a lifetime

Cast off for the longest journey on the Ocean of love and Mercy

Past lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel are all part of Eckankar. They can help open your spiritual ears to the divine love that surrounds you every minute of every day. Look into the ECK teachings. You will find they are charged with the energy of life and love. Those qualities can be yours too.

―Harold Klemp: The Living Word, Book 2

The road to God is the adventure of a lifetime

Have you received a spiritual wake-up call?

Perhaps you are at the point where some Voice of God has shaken you awake from a deep spiritual slumber. God speaks to us through past lives, dreams, and Soul Travel. Experience it for yourself. exploreExplore the links on this page for compelling stories, insights, and spiritual exercises. Journey into your inner worlds and reap the benefits of the wisdom and spiritual truth in your heart.

This inner journey reveals the all-caring nature of God’s love. This love works wonders.

Past Lives - Want to recall memories of past lives? Lessons of long ago can be recaptured to help our lives today. Our character is made up of virtues and shortcomings, and all are a development from past lives. Learn more to explore past lives today.

Dreams - Dreams are real, another way to find wisdom from the heart. Dreams open new avenues of truth and give insights just for you. Learn more about how to work with dreams.

Soul Travel - Soul Travel is simply a shift in consciousness. Its main benefit is to let us tap into the wisdom and knowledge of the last great frontier―our inner worlds. To fully, consciously ride the wave of divine love coming into our lives every day.